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Other settings

– Enter the details and save the settings as per your convenience.
– Origin Postcode: Enter the Postcode of the Woocommerce shop owner or Shippers Location.
– Customer Classification: The options are available in the dropdown are
1. Rate chart from shipper’s country.
2. Rates associated with shipper number
3. Daily rates.
4. Retail rates.
5. Regional rates.
6. General list rates.
7. Standard list rates.
–Pickup Type: You can choose pickup time from the dropdown options as
1.Daily Pickup
2.Customer Counter
3.One Time Pickup
4.OnCall Air
5.Letter Center
6.Air Service Center
-Residential: Select the residential checkbox if the delivery of the shipment is at a residential address.
-Negotiated Rates: Enable this if this shipping account has negotiated rates available
-Insurance Option: Enable to request Insurance to be included

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