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Manage your Quickbooks in real time with bi-directional data exchange between Quickbooks and Odoo.
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Features of Quickbooks Odoo Connector

  •  Synchronization on Single Click
  • Get Status of Synced Data
  • Import Customers into Odoo
  • Export Customers to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Account Tax Code and Rate into Odoo
  • Export Account Tax Code and Rate to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Vendors into Odoo
  • Export Vendors to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Payment Terms into Odoo
  • Export Payment Terms to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Employees into Odoo
  • Export Employees to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Employee Department into Odoo
  • Export Department to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Payment Methods into Odoo
  • Export Payment Methods into QuickBooks Online
  • Import Sales Orders into Odoo
  • Export Sale Orders to QuickBooks Online
  • Import Accounts into Odoo
  • Export Accounts into QuickBooks Online
  • Import Purchase Orders into Odoo
  • Export Purchase Orders into QuickBooks Online
  • Import Invoices into Odoo
  • Export Invoices into QuickBooks Online
  • Import Products into Odoo
  • Export Product to QuickBooks Online
  • Export Receipts into Odoo
  • Export Timesheets into QuickBooks Online

Odoo Quickbooks Integration

Odoo QuickBooks Online Integration completely automates your accounting process from sales order creation to invoicing. It allows users to view orders, products, customers, vendors, employees, payments, expenses, taxes, inventory levels, shipments and much more directly from Odoo. With Odoo quickbook integration, you get access to real-time data without having to manually enter information. All transactions are automatically synchronized across multiple channels.

Our Odoo QuickBooks Integration Services include:

  • Sales Order Creation
  • Invoice Generation
  • Inventory Adjustment

You can integrate Odoo with Quickbooks Online as well as Quickbooks Desktop. For both versions, we offer different pricing plans depending on your business requirements and how many users you have. Contact Us Now!

Odoo ERP Integration with Quickbooks Is The Best Solution For Business

Connecting Odoo ERP with QuickBooks Online completely automates your accounting. Odoo ERP is specifically designed to manage complex accounting functions to meet the growing business requirements. All transactions can be done directly within Odoo without having to go back and forth between two separate systems. With this integration, you can easily access both accounts from one place.

Integration Features:

  • Import/Export Transactions From/To Odoo And Quickbook
  • Sync Sales Orders Between Both Systems
  • Automatically Generate Invoice Reports In Odoo Based On Your Preferences
  • Export Customers To Excel Or CSV File
  • Send Email Notifications When An Order Has Been Approved By A Manager

At Techspawn Solutions, we can help you connect both these applications together and allow users to access information seamlessly across multiple platforms. We have experience working in various industries from small businesses to large enterprises. Our team has worked extensively with companies ranging from $1 million to over $100 billion in annual revenues. We are confident that our expertise and knowledge would enable us to deliver quality solutions at affordable prices. If you want to know more about what we do or if you’re looking for any other services then feel free to contact us today.

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