Why Cloud Services are Important for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are migrating to the cloud and experiencing benefits that were never possible before. Cloud computing can mean big changes for small businesses.With cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not having to deploy physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software. Plus, the "anywhere, anytime" availability of these solutions, means hassle-free collaboration among business partners and employees using the ubiquitous browser. Here are a few benefits of cloud for small businesses: Reduction of Costs: Cloud-hosted servers enable mass-scale computing power and minimize IT requirements and physical storage, providing a significant savings. Anytime, Anywhere: Cloud-hosted desktops allow [...]

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Best 5 Programming Languages for 2015

There is a lot happening in the tech industry, but in terms of the year 2015 with all the technology that hit the mainstream in the preceding years. There are a couple of languages that I think even the most veteran programmers should have a look at. 1. Java Java is top pick as one of the most popular programming languages, used for building server-side applications to video games and mobile apps. It’s also the core foundation for developing Android apps, making it a favorite of many programmers. Java can be utilized for mobile-based applications, enterprise level purpose, for creating [...]

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We are hiring! Web designers and developers

We are hiring! We are actively hiring for several roles on our team.We’d like to add some additional design/front-end capabilities as well as several back-end or full-stack web developers and designers to our team. As part of a small team you will play a key role in the growth of the company by ensuring web services are designed, developed and deployed to assist in our marketing and sales objectives.More about these roles can be found on our careers page. We’re looking for people with enough experience and skills  that they can contribute right away and always flexible on work [...]

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WordPress Login

WordPress lets you create the most amazing blog sites. So today i am going to brief you about Wordpress Login and how you can access the WordPress dashboard. It lets you login and also has a facility to recover the lost password. How to login to your WordPress Site ? To access the backend of your wordpress site you will have to type /wp-admin or /admin to the end of your site’s URL E.g: If you have a blog site named, then to go the backend and type the following URL URL: Now you will see the dashboard where you [...]

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WordPress Tutorial : WordPress Child Theme

After a brief description about how to install WordPress in my previous WordPress tutorial, i am now going to discuss another important topic which is a must when you work on WordPress - Wordpress Child Theme Importance of using a child theme: You have completely created a website using WordPress themes by modify an existing theme, and your theme gets updated. ??? Ohh gosh!!! Now what? If your WordPress theme gets updated automatically, all the changes made to your style.css and functions.php page are lost and your theme will be restored back to the original. All you efforts and time are in vain and you [...]

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WordPress Tutorial : Steps to wordpress installations

In today's blog we are going to concentrate on WordPress and go through our WordPress tutorial about WordPress installations in easy steps. WordPress being the most popular CMS these days, its very important to know the basics before you start actual development. So toady I will give you a brief introduction of how to install, WordPress is well-known and is very easy to install. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer various tools (e.g. Fantastico) to automatically install WordPress. However, if you wish to [...]

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10 Best Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

There are so many free WordPress themes out there it’s always  hard to find right free theme for your website. So We bring you 10 hand picked and highly customizable Free WordPress Themes. All below listed  free theme are responsive, meaning you can download, install and activate them and quickly and easily meet the needs of your mobile users. 1. OneEngine OneEngine is simple  Multi-Purpose One Page WordPress Theme.It has Layout builder included, easy-to-use backend options, plus glorious design. It developed by enginethemes and one of the best looking free theme available on internet. Download & demo: 2. StanleyWP StanleyWP is FREE Twitter Bootstrap [...]

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The Importance Of WordPress in web development

Take advantage of the advanced methods of doing business and build strongest platforms in this present era of globalization and a neck-to-neck competition. Nowadays WordPress is the one of the most popular blogging platforms used by many businesses on the internet. In the decade of its existence, his blogging software, WordPress, has become an essential part of the internet, powering about 25% of all websites. It provides you incredible technical support to customize a website that best suits your business purposes. It caters to your business online development initiative with content management system facilities. WordPress allows the users to build [...]

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