Businesses need a reliable, effective, and user-friendly support system to attack the swiftly evolving market changes. Odoo ERP offers features and easy-to- use models that enable businesses to simplify their project management, reduce costs and improve effectiveness. It also offers free and paid version with an outstanding integrated system, furnishing business requirements with reasonable strictness and scalability. With these and multitudinous other unique capabilities, Odoo ERP is turning into hot system amongst top companies at the moment! With the release of Odoo 15, prospects have risen indeed more! Businesses are strategizing ways in which they can fix the bettered capabilities of Odoo 15 to enhance their business growth. This blog will take you through what’s new in Odoo 15 and how you can work these enhanced features for your business processes.

1. CRM

Odoo ERP has been designed keeping in mind the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. The CRM module is one such feature that helps SME’s manage customer relationships. It enables them to track all interactions with customers and keep records of it. It provides real-time information about the status of sales leads, orders, invoices, payments, and many more. Likewise, it also allows users to create reports on various activities like lead generation, sales performance, etc.

2. Inventory Management

The inventory management module allows users to effectively control stock levels, order processing, tracking of goods from suppliers to stores and warehouse management, etc. Users can easily view the details of each product including its location, quantity available, price, cost, etc. They can also perform different operations like adding or deleting products, managing stocks, creating purchase orders, etc.

3. Odoo Accounting

Accounting is another area where Odoo ERP excels. It comes with features like accounting journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash flow analysis, etc. These features help users to make better financial decisions.

4. Odoo eCommerce

With the integration of Odoo ERP with Magento 2, users can now sell their products online. They can add multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Amazon Payments, etc. and integrate them with

Odoo eCommerce. They can even customize checkout pages to suit their specific needs. Customers can purchase gift cards.

5. Website Builder

Website builder is a tool used to create websites quickly and easily. All you need to do is select the template, add images and text, and publish it. You don’t need any coding knowledge. Just drag and drop options, and you get a fully functional website with the best user experience.

Features Of Odoo 15

1. Import Screen:

Odoo 15 is anticipated to extend the experience with its new importing screen point. This new import screen point includes a menu to handle cash rounding making it flawless for an account and generating the checks. This point is anticipated to be available in all the needed modules and functional tabs.

2. HTML Editor:

One of the odoo15 anticipated features was a new HTML editor. HTML editor is a textbook editor for designing web runners via Html canons.

3. Capable options in Pivot and Graph views:

Odoo Development provides data representation with Pivot and Graph views. The Odoo 15 interpretation will most probably allow you to edit and acclimate the graph using Odoo plant. With this, you can extend the representation of the data to precious perceptivity for bettered decision- timber and analysis.

4. Point Of Sale Coupons And Promotions:

While the former performances of the Pasteboard and Elevations we’re simply for Trade and
odoo E-Commerce websites, the Odoo 15 tickets are created to support both eCommerce as well as POS. The point will be available in the POS settings. While under the product menu you’ll have the option to produce Tickets and Elevations grounded on your business needs for after use. The cashier can click on the Enter Law button from the POS and apply the Tickets for Point of Trade Order which will be reflected in the client’s tab. Considering the former trends of Odoo releases, Odoo 15 will have an enhanced stoner experience that’s sure to blow your mind.

5. New command and command editor:

Odoo 15 will include the new command and command editor. It will help handle invoices in accounting configuration.
One of the odoo15 expected features is a new HTML editor. HTML editor is a text editor for designing web pages via Html codes.

6. Purchase dashboard:

The purchase dashboard gives an amazing perspective for the dashboard, comprising all the purchase values and graphs. The dashboard provides the needed information about the tax and untaxed-based total. A click on the reporting tab of the Odoo 15 dashboard will seamlessly get you a detailed report.

So, what are you waiting for? Our Odoo development team has already started working on migrating our odoo modules to odoo 15. If you think your business is ready to deploy the rising capabilities of Odoo 15, then connect with our odoo experts today, and explore unlimited possibilities for your business!