At the beginning of my career I was too excited about completing the tasks and used to wait for the next one. I believed in independent work and others’ work was not my business. My aim was to complete the task by hook or crook. After years passed I encountered different people including freshers and seniors. Which gradually changed my thought process. As I saw some seniors keen to know Junior’s approach to solve problems, What I can conclude is that as Fresher or Junior developer they are just trying to complete their assigned work, generally this perception results into limiting themselves in a given boundary and as a developer your nourishment to be a full fledged developer is limited, which result in hampering their growth after certain extend.

Their approach can give them fast and quick results to solve and look at their task in hand, But in the long run it becomes more hectic for their future growth because even after being an Experienced Developer they lack in their basics, to understand a problem, find a root cause, how to create good Structures from basics,In my point of view, Follow the best practices and be efficient developers and be open up to every individual colleague as they can be handy in your learnings.

So at initial stage of our career for becoming a Good programmer or Developer what are the boxes we need to check out are :

1. Start With The Basics And Spend More Time on Your Ground Zero Level

 As a Fresher you should spend more time to enhance and explore your knowledge. Whatever you are learning you should understand that from very Basics and should try to explore every little thing in that as how they can be used if the conditions vary or parameters change.

 This approach will develop and increase your R&D capabilities and which result in adding problem reasoning skills to your asset.

2. What You Want Is Flow

 As a developer whatever task you have been assigned to start with getting the ride of whole flow firstly and then try to solve bugs and try to enhance as much as you can.

3. Read Other Developers Code

Some time it’s become necessary to do study of someone else’s code, As it might be possible that you have your approach to tackle the problems but your colleague has possibly a better approach which in result helps you to perform the given work within the duration time or even lesser than that.

4. Learn From Your Past Experiences

As a developer it happens several times in every other situation we face the same issue and apply different solutions each time which results uneconomically. So we should give it a proper time and try to find why the same issue is arising every now and then in different situations by different approaches , we should find the route cause and if once we get the proper reason from next time we must ensure and try to avoid the same mistake.

5. Contact Others For Guidance

As a developer you should emphasize yourself to grow,for which you should be humble and open to every individual in your work sector, As sometimes people become egoistic about their position and don’t approach their juniors which might come handy in some situations.

6. Read Relevant Material and Use Online Resources

If you are facing any issue or learning any new thing try to read some other relevant contents, nowadays so many resources available Online which either give you full solutions or give you an idea to deal with your things. So increase your SQ (Social Quotient).

7. Never Get Tired of Practicing

 The adage “practice makes perfect” holds true no matter what profession you are in. In these cases of coding or programming, it becomes even more critical. 

In the IT field day by day new technologies and new approaches are being recognised, IT is the most uncertain field where you never know on which issues or technologies you have to start working on. So never stop learning new things and practicing those to make yourself clear to it.