If you want to sell locally, you should consider setting up a store where customers can pick up their orders from your location. This way, they don’t have to wait for shipping or pay extra fees.

Local pickup is a feature that allows customers to order items from your store and pick them up at their local stores or warehouses. This way, they don’t have to wait for shipping and can get their items faster.

WooCommerce Local Pickup plugins makes it easier for your customers to place orders and receive their items. Local Pickup for WooCommerce also helps you save time and money by allowing you to manage pickups from multiple locations and inventory levels.

Setting up a local pickup option for WooCommerce is pretty simple. All you need to do is create a new order type called “Local Pickup” and select the desired delivery method. Then, add the location where you want to receive the package.

So how to setup Local Pickup for Woocommerce store?

All you need to know will be clarified in this article. In addition, we will explain how Local Pickup for Woocommerce plugin works and its benefits

Step 1: Open Shipping

Go to your WordPress Dashboard and log into your site. Scroll down to Settings, then click on it.

Next, click Open Shipping, which is located at the top bar on your screen.

Step 2: Add shipping method

To edit the Shipping Zone for an order, click Edit below the name of the shipping zones you want to use.

In addition, the information regarding the zone name, its region, and the shipping method for that particular zone will be displayed onscreen. Add Shipping Method Button

Step 3: Choose local pickup

You’ll be able to choose between Flat Rate shipping, Free Shipping, and Local pickup location.

You can now enable local pickup as a shipping option by clicking on Add Shipping Method and selecting the Local Pickup location.


Step 4: Select the Pickup Location

After choosing the shipping method, you select the pickup location at woocommerce checkout. You can either enter the address manually or search for a nearby pickup place on Google Maps.

Benefits of Local Pickup for Woocommerce

  • With our local pickup service, customers no longer have to wait for goods to ship. They can come pick them up at their convenience, which is perfect for people with unpredictable schedules.
  • It’s a lot more convincing to let customers pick up items in your store instead of waiting for a delivery.
  • Local pickup, in which customers schedule pickup appointments and then come to a store location to collect their order, saves both the customers and the store money with reduced delivery expenses.
  • Local pickup is an alternative that saves entrepreneurs time, money and effort. This way they don’t have to rely on shipping services which can mean failed deliveries or order returns.
  • You can set up email notifications to be sent both when your order is ready for pickup, and confirmation email after it’s been picked up, giving you more options.
  •  Pickup Instructions For Local Pickup for woocommerce with Pickup Time and Pickup location for WooCommerce Store makes it easy for customers.
  • Store owners can set their opening hours or pickup times, which means that customers know when they need to pick up the order.

It is not difficult to set up the local pickup shipping option in a WooCommerce store so we are confident that you will have no problem enabling this shipping mode. And, if you’re looking for a WooCommerce plugin that manages product delivery and provides a local pickup locations option, Local Pickup for WooCommerce is a perfect choice.