We are all aware of how social media is utilized in our daily lives. We’ve altered mobility in order to make data more accessible. Everyone would appreciate it if they could receive information about their daily jobs via text message or in a single reply. To make information interchange and feedback management faster and more efficient, we’re integrating Odoo with Whatsapp, the most popular instant chat software.

WhatsApp is a hugely popular messaging software that is used by 1.5 billion people all over the world. It features a user-friendly interface and may be combined with Odoo to create a strong system. Techspawn Solutions has created WhatsApp Odoo Integration app that enables users to send messages using Odoo with the WhatsApp application.
Using the same application, we can send messages WhatsApp has the potential to be an extremely
effective marketing tool. It’s a good one-on-one communication platform. Messages can be sent via
WhatsApp. From message in Sales order, message in purchase order, Invoicing Order, message in Delivery order details.

This Odoo WhatsApp Integration allows you to send messages from Contacts and Display message from your Odoo account to any user on WhatsApp’s platform. You can also reply to those messages by sending them back to the sender. The best thing is that this integration works seamlessly without having to install anything else.
You can integrate Odoo for your business needs as well as personal ones. It is an open-source ERP system which has been used by many companies to manage their operations.

You can integrate your Odoo database with WhatsApp using the following steps:
1) Login into your Odoo instance.
3) Enter the name of the app you want to add. In this case, we’ll call it “Odoo- WhatsApp”.
4) Select the type of integration you’d like to create.
5) Click on the “Add” button.
6) Fill out the form with your details.
7) Save the configuration changes.
9) Find the app you created and select it.
10) Click on the “Save” button.
11) Open the WhatsApp application on your device.
12) Tap on the “New Message” icon.
13) Type the message you want to send.

Just scan QR code from your mobile device, and you are good to go
Still, just follow the instruction from then All druggies of odoo can log in to their WhatsApp collectively, i, If you do not know how to login WhatsApp.e. each Odoo stoner will have their own Session. They can log out from general settings. Also, they’ve Logout option in their WhatsApp Mobile App.

Are you ready to see how combining Odoo CRM with WhatsApp may improve your business? We’ll get started right away!

1. WhatsApp Message Templates
With Odoo CRM and WhatsApp connectivity, you can do more tasks in less time by using pre-defined
templates. Create and save sales message templates in your Odoo CRM to send them to prospects at different stages of the Sales order message chatter with a single swipe.

2. WhatsApp Web
Just Scan the QR Code on WhatsApp Web to Connect Your WhatsApp to the System Custom Message Send custom WhatsApp message along with document link from Contact App.

3. Send Message to multiple Customer
Send WhatsApp Messages to Multiple Unique Customers regarding product details, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Invoices.

4. Marketing & Promotion via WhatsApp
WhatsApp has the potential to be an extremely effective marketing tool. It’s a good one-on-one
communication platform. Messages can be sent via WhatsApp.

Our WhatsApp Odoo integration can help with a wide range of tasks. A few of the advantages are listed below:
1. It has never been simpler to communicate with customers. To contact clients, simply use your
WhatsApp contact list.

2. Messages to numerous contacts with various attachments can be sent using the many-to-many widgets.

3. It’s easy to log in. Odoo users only need to use a mobile device to scan the QR code. Users in Odoo can log out of separate user sessions.

4. Better communication leads to faster decision-making, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the
competition and meet market demands.

Integrate with Odoobot
The integration between Whatsapp and Odoo is very simple. The user needs to install the Whatsapp Application on their mobile phone and then login into the Whatsapp App using their credentials. After that, they need to open the Odoo App and click on “Send Message” option. This will take them to the Whatsapp App, where they can select single contact or multiple contacts and choose the message type. They can also add images or videos to the message.
What makes this integration so powerful is that it allows businesses to connect with customers through different mediums. For example, if you have a customer who uses Facebook Messenger, he/she can now easily communicate with your company. If you have a customer who prefers email, you can still reach him/her and send messages via email.

How does it work?
When a new contact is added to the Odoo database, the Odoo bot automatically creates a WhatsApp Account. Once the Odoo Bot is enabled, it sends a notification to the newly added WhatsApp account.

When a new message is received, the Odoo Bot checks whether there are any active WhatsApp accounts associated with the Odoo Contact. If yes, then it forwards the message to the respective WhatsApp account.

If no WhatsApp account exists for the Odoo Contact, then it creates a new WhatsApp account and adds the Odoo Contact to it.

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