Businesses today have their own set of needs and requirements to be successful and one methodology cannot be considered a yardstick for success by implementing it in another, even if they have been successful for others. Every business has its own individual requirements and the software that is used for the business needs to be customized according it the needs of the business. One of the major benefits of having the Odoo ERP software for business is that it is business friendly and can be customized to suit the needs of the business. Therefore, to be guaranteed of a more organized workforce and a highly streamlined workflow, it is essential for businesses to customize their Odoo ERP Software.

So how do you as the owner of a business actually identify the best features that must be infused into the Odoo ERP software in order to customize it? Given below are a few suggestions:

Firstly, CRM is an important aspect of business, especially to maintain the reputation and goodwill of the organization. Therefore, integrating CRM software into the Odoo ERP software is a good way to ensure that the ERP software is custom- made to suit the needs of customer relationship management of the organization. Whether it is to maintain and identify a database for customers and clients, or providing leads the ERP software is sure to be helped by the CRM system.

Secondly, the process of report generation is simplified, thereby making it easy for presentations of reports and documents in any form, including pdf, MS Word/ Excel and others. This feature can be incorporated into the Odoo ERP software to customize it.

Thirdly, the Odoo ERP software can also be customized to empower it to offer visibility in all the departments of the organization. This enables the top management to decide, plan, strategize all future actions based on the knowledge got from the present functioning or operation.

Finally, and most importantly, it is essential that you as the user of Odoo ERP software know what you need from it and also whether it is capable of delivering what you need. This is significant as only then can the software be customized according to the needs of the user. Moreover, we make it our business to understand the customer’s business and hence we make all efforts to satisfy the customer so that the business functions smoothly.

We at techspawn solutions have very successfully implemented the Odoo ERP software for our various customers and all it takes on your side is to give us a call and we are there to help you out with it. Our well-designed and highly user-friendly website has all the information required and yet if you are still looking for more answers to your queries, feel free to call us at any time. Our extremely dependable business analyst and engineers are waiting to serve you!