One of the services techspawn offers is that of customized Odoo development and integration. Odoo has a comprehensive suite of business management applications such as sales, customer relationship management, project management, accounting, warehouse management and human resources, just to name a few.

Many businesses use several different software systems to manage the different aspects of their business, for example QuickBooks for accounting, SalesForce for CRM, and PeopleMatter for human resources. Oftentimes these different software solutions cannot communicate with each other, complicating matters and leaving much room for errors when data must be transferred from one platform to another. Using Odoo means having all of these functions, plus much more, integrated into one software system, using a different module for each business need. This facilitates the sharing of information between the modules, reducing errors and time needed to complete tasks.

ERP is one closed area where many will be skeptical of getting into because of the big names like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc. But today some of the stunning features of Odoo 10 will give these brands a run for their money.

Let us see some features of Odoo

  • Open source ERP
  • Fully web-based
  • Wide functionality coverage
  • New CMS, ecommerce, business intelligence and New WMS

Free Software:

Compared to other ERP softwares, Odoo is a free business management solution so, you do not want to buy any license to handle your business by odoo. Although you need to pay for installation, customization, Integration and implementation. But, which is very low price compare than other paid softwares.

Fully Web-based:

Odoo is a fully web-based application. Ie, You can access it via web browsers and it provides multi user management supporting without any disturbance.

Wide Functionality with customize Application:

Odoo helps to develop a high quality business solution with low budget, which supports you to run your business operations effectively. Listed applications are associated with Odoo system by this, you can customize the necessity functionality as per your requirements.

  • Warehouse Management
  • Account
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Point of Sale
  • eCommerce
  • CRM
  • Sale
  • Purchase
  • Human Resource
  • Payroll
  • Contracts management
  • Subscriptions management
  • Invoicing and payments

No-Vendor Lock In

Being open source in nature, the ODO is free to download and easy to install. There is no licensing fee associated with ODOO and since, there is a vast community allied to this enterprise resource planning and management tool, it assures the continued support. Since, there is no specific group of people, developers or technicians that control the developments to ODOO, the businesses can enjoy no lock-ins by a particular vendor. The source code is customizable which implies the businesses using ODOO can also apply their own patches for enhancing its functionality, fixing the bugs or to customize it.

How techspawn can help you with Odoo v 10 implementation and Development ?

Out Team at techspawn have been working with OpenERP (Odoo) since the release of version 7 and have successfully completed Implementation for OpenERP 7, 8 as well version 9. We can offer you the cost effective Odoo help including as Odoo Installation, Odoo customization and 3rd party integration – You can contact our team on [email protected] or simply filling up the Inquiry form