WordPress is a software for web publishing that can be used even by layman to generate their own website or blog. Since its inception in the early 2000s, WordPress has been accepted as a very convenient platform to publish websites and blogs. Today the platform of WordPress is being used to further the prospects of various businesses around the world and to help businesses WordPress offers many procedures that include:

–> Being an ‘Open Source’ design, WordPress it is continually open to improvement, and the software offers an abundance of widgets, plugins and themes to help anyone interested in building their own websites or blogs.

–> It is a completely free software that can be downloaded and used as and when required.

–> It is highly user-friendly, so it benefits the businesses in doing away with professionals like web designers or those offering web hosting services. A layman’s knowledge of Microsoft Word is all that is required to work on the software.

–>Web pages can be created by WordPress that incline towards being linked to search engines and are optimized accordingly, hence it is very SEO friendly.

–> Basically due to its flexibility as a perfect content management system and its adaptability to manage any kind of website by simply using just the web browser, WordPress has been adopted by business to further it.

–> Last, but not the least, the owner of the website is the master of their own content and is able to decide what needs to be highlighted and what not to be on the website. So the owner is in complete control of the content in the website.

Hence it can be seen that with so many advantages that WordPress has to offer, businesses are likely to be benefited a great deal with this free publishing software.