ERP software, like Odoo, can be integrated to give businesses information about their data. Having this information can really help a company make the best choices for their overall success. With an ERP, companies can centralize, streamline and manage their information. But some business owners aren’t satisfied and want to go even further – so by integrating externally they can use the collected data in a more efficient manner than had they just used the ERP alone.

 Overview of Odoo-woocommerce Connector Module

The Odoo woocomerce connector is odoo application that allows you to connect your odoo and woocommerces. It provides the ability of creating products, orders, customers etc in both systems from one system. The main advantage of this integration is it saves time as well as money by eliminating manual data entry process. This will also help you save on human resources cost.

Odoo WooCommerce Integration allows you to integrate your Odoo ERP with your ecommerce website. This means that you can sell products directly through your Odoo ERP using the Odoo WooCommerce Integration. This way, you can control your inventory, track shipments and manage your customers.With Odoo WooCommerce Integration, you can easily create a product catalog, add products to it, edit prices, create discounts and apply taxes. All of this is done from your Odoo ERP. You can also manage your customer accounts, send emails, view reports and generate invoices.

What’s use of Odoo WooCommerce Connector?

The Odoo WooCommerce Connectors offer a seamless way to connect your Odoo ERP with your woocommerce store. The connectors automatically synchronize products, customers, orders and invoices between odoo and woocommerce. This allows the business to have a unified view of its sales data in one central system.

What are the benefits of using Odoo WooCommerce Connector?

The benefits of using Odoo and WooCommerce is that it offers a seamless integration of the two platforms. This means that your WooCommerce store with its products, customers, services, and orders are feed into Odoo.

The benefits of Odoo WooCommerce integration are:

  •  You can migrate all products, orders, and customers in one click.
  • All product information is stored in Odoo database so you don’t need to reimport it again if you want to change something about a product or an order.
  • The customer will be created as new user in Odoo from orders instead of creating them manually
  • Orders will be imported into Odoo immediately
  • Automatically migrate all products and orders in a single click, without any manual work or configuration required on your side.
  • You will be able to see all inventory levels at once time.
  • Easily manage customer details such as an address, phone number etc for shipping.

Features of Odoo WooCommerce Connector

  • Synchronization on single click
  • Maintain multiple WooCommerce integrations with odoo
  • Interactive Dashboard for product details, stock level,
  • Sales Analysis Report
  • Get status of the Synced data
  • Mapping of data from wooCommerce to avoid duplicates
  • Periodically Automated jobs using cron to Import/Export data
  • Export single/multiple Product records on just a click
  • Export single/multiple Sale Orders from Odoo to WooCommerce on just a click
  • Export single/multiple Product stock, Product Category, Product Tags and Product Attribute records
  • Export single/multiple Customer records on just a click
  • Export Invoice Refund from Odoo to WooCommerce
  • Export single/multiple Tax records
  • Export Coupons from Odoo to WooCommerce
  • Import Sale Orders from WooCommerce to Odoo and easily manage your orders
  • Import Customers from WooCommerce to Odoo and easily maintain customer data
  • Import Products from WooCommerce to Odoo and easily inventory management
  • Now you can easily import Coupons from WooCommerce to Odoo

Odoo Woocommerce Connector helps business to connect their existing website with odoo. It is a very easy to use and powerful tool which can be used by any type of business, from small-scale industries to large enterprises. This integration will help you in connecting your Woocommerce e-commerce site with the odoo system easily without having to install anything on your woocommerce server. You just need to configure it in odoo and then it’s ready to go!

Therefore, if you are looking forward to integrate your odoo with woocommerces then we have got good news for you! You don’t need any technical knowledge or programming skills to get started. All you need to do is install our Odoo WooComerse Connector Plugin into your Odoo instance and start using it right away. Get started with Odoo WooCommerce Integration today!