Are you looking for something that will help you open an online store? Opening an online store is usually difficult and it might give rise to many questions in your mind. WooCommerce is the answer to all your questions. It is a plugin that belongs to WordPress and specializes as a shopping cart. One thing that will go best with this plan and will help you be more efficient, experienced and result in more sales is Quickbooks, as it is an accounting program for businesses.  It has 80 % market share of emerging businesses. It offers the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Tracking of Inventory
  • Processing of credit cards

Now, what is  WooCommerce Quickbooks Integration? This integration allows you to transfer anything whether it’s your orders, or customers or even inventory to Quickbooks software.  It is a way to keep yourself up to date as well as your customer inventory and in return, it will save you time and efforts.  You no longer have to worry about keeping your inventory up to date in case of counts and prices. It’s a quick and easy way to connect with your customers.

Benefits Of Integration

The following are the benefits of WooCommerce Quickbooks integration:

  • It is a good way to export data easily. You won’t have any trouble matching your income accounts anymore. When your orders have been imported,  Quickbook WooCommerce integration that will transfer it to the correct accounts in Quickbook. Once your records have been transferred you will be able to see the costs of shipping as well as handling, taxes etc, as they will be placed in there respective section in QBO. This will help you have access to your data easily.
  • Once you have updated your orders to Quickbook software, it acts as a backup to all your order data. Safeguarding your data is extremely important to customer satisfaction.
  • Once WooCommerce is connected to Quickbooks you can have complete control over your accounts. It’s an automated process. Any customer places an order will directly be displayed in Quickbooks online.
  • It creates accurate customer information always. Every time a customer makes an order, the information is created automatically and in case of a change in the information, it is updated automatically as well.
  • Your stock levels are easily managed through this. It keeps the stock levels updated in Quickbooks every time an order is placed. Hence convenience level is guaranteed in this.
  • Products are updates automatically. If you add a product on WooCommerce it will be added on Quickbooks automatically.
  • Since data is added automatically there are fewer chances of error in it. This will save you time.

Keeping all the benefits in mind, incorporating WooCommerce along with Quickbooks will save you time and money both and will make setting up an online easier than before. To make this entire thing a piece of cake team techspawn developed WooCommerce Quickbooks connector which is available on Evanto at

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