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How AWS is useful for small business

What is AWS ? AWS (Amazon web service) is a one stop solution for all your business need in cheaper price which will launch instantly. Small business or startups has low capital to invest in infrastructure. They can not afford to buy servers or any hardware appliance and maintain them. AWS provides clouds, server space that is scalable and elastic in low cost.  Provides a free tier for 12 months which includes ec2 instance of t2 micro type with 750 hrs/months, S3 instance 5gb storage with 20,000 get(get data) requests and 2000 put (store data) requests, RDS instance 20gb storage [...]

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Internet of Things ( IoT )

Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful concept which is changing things around us drastically. It is an architecture where all the devices connect to internet through computing power. It is a way where devices are connected with each other and send some data or information which can further be processed over cloud to generate meaningful analytic result that can help a lot to trigger and automate action according to the analysis. These small devices are called the “THINGS” or more precise  “Internet of Things”. The IOT environment comprises of 3 ingredients called Device, Network and Application also known as [...]

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